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  • Therapy for Individuals

    No one is coming to your rescue – what wonderful and terrifying news! You are the one you’ve been waiting for – and you can become your own wise, loving caretaker.

    Individual therapy is different for each individual seeking support.

    I offer support with…

    • Exploring patterns that are compulsive, destructive, or no longer serving you
    • Learning tools to better manage conflict in your life and relationships
    • Developing earned secure attachment and healing from insecure attachment
    • Healing co-dependency and strengthening or softening boundaries
    • Finding ways to increase intimacy and closeness in your life
    • Navigating and healing attachment trauma and wounding
    • Exploring erotic embodiment, sex, and sexuality
    • Navigating differences in power and privilege between couples, friends, and families
    • Queer and LGBTQI+ themes and experiences
    • Healing sexual trauma and sexual abuse
    • Identifying personal values, life path, and soul pursuits
    • Processing grief and loss

    If my areas of focus speak to you, please reach out to me today to schedule a free 15-minute consultation.